Raspberry Brûlée

Lately I've been longing for easy, simple dessert recipes that don't take too much time to prepare. Simple is oftentimes really best isn't it? I love gooey, complex, over the top recipes just as much as the next person, and frequently that's what I will always choose, but today I'm just craving fruity, light and uncomplicated.  It probably has something to do with this winter that seems like it will never end.

So, I'm bringing you Raspberry Brûlée.  Whilst making this I wondered many times, where has this delicious recipe been my whole life and why did I not think of putting these three fabulous ingredients together sooner?

Simple, easy, elegant enough to serve at a dinner party, or down home enough to serve for a weekday dessert treat, it's a pretty versatile recipe.  You could mix up the fruit, make it with whatever suits your fancy, throw in some crushed up cookies, meringues whatever.  Make a deconstructed Eaton Mess Brûlée!  Yum.

Raspberry Brûlée 

2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream
1/2 C. confectioners sugar
2 lbs. fresh raspberries or fruit of your choice (reserve a handful of berries for garnish)
1/2 C. Raw or coarse grain sugar

In the bowl of a mixer whip the cold whipping cream to stiff peaks.  Add the confectioners sugar and fold into the cream. Wash and throughly dry your fruit, then fold into the cream mixture.  Dollop the mixture into ramekins or oven proof bowls.

Sprinkle a generous amount of the raw sugar over the tops of each bowl.  Using a propane kitchen torch, scorch the sugar, trying to avoid getting too much of the whipped cream.  It helps if there are pockets of sugar, rather than a light sprinkling.  Do not under any circumstances put the dishes in the oven.  It will melt the whipping cream and not be pretty, or tasty.  Once complete, put the dishes in the refrigerator to allow the sugar to harden.

You may prepare the dessert one day ahead of serving it but no longer.

Makes 6-8 servings.

Recipe adapted from Saveur.


Deb@CookingOnTheFrontBurner said...

Yum... these look so good! I love raspberries too! Definitely would make a good dessert when having company over.

Pink Patisserie said...

Thank you Deb! So easy too. I love easy!!

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